The Big 5 Social Media Platforms

There are many social media platforms out there. Some are on the fringes, some target specialized communities. Most come and go. You have only so much time so to get maximum results, so I suggest you focus on what I call The Big 5:

  • YouTUBE

Yes, there are so many, and it looks like there always will be. But they come and go – Tumblr, Stumble Upon, even Google+ didn’t take. Snapchat is hot now, but only with a select demographic – mostly kids. Is that your audience? If so, you need to be on there, but that’s another blog post. For today, I’m saying you should have a presence on the ones above that are the most popular and populated worldwide. That’s the Big 5.

Choosing Your Main Platforms:

Once you’ve set up an account, choose which 2-3 platforms you’ll do a great job of posting and engaging on. It’s a combination of what business you’re in, or what product you are selling, and where who you want to reach is.  And you have to be comfortable with the platform, but just like you learned Facebook, you can learn the others.  Subscribe to this blog for quick reads on the basics you’ll need to know or Google some articles and stat charts to get the most up-to-date data to inform your choice to prioritize them.

Quality over Quantity

It can be overwhelming and time consuming to manage social media – not just posting, commenting, sharing and engaging, but keeping up on all they can do, and how that changes all the time! So while you should have a presence on all five of these, it’s ok to pick two and do a great job on those, rather than to do a limp job on all.

Maximize Your Profiles on Each

Utilize the ability to say and show who you are to anyone who comes to find you across all platforms by maxing out your photo, bio, and cover or background art. Fill out all the information about your product, service, or self. Cross reference back to your website or the platform you use most to capture that audience. For example, if you do most of your posting on Instagram, but you would like more followers on Facebook or Twitter, put the links or your handle to both on your profile. Followers may use those platforms more and they will click to find you there too.



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