5 Essential Grooming Tips for Gals

It’s not just what you wear, it’s how you’re groomed. You don’t have to be done up to the hilt, like JLo or a Kardashian. In fact, just covering the simplest elements communicates volumes – in a good way.

1.NAILS: Even if you don’t have them they should be neatened. It is a big giveaway, not matter how well you are put together (just like a little too-scuffed shoes or gashed heels). Put clear polish on even the worst nails with a little lotion rubbed into the cuticles before you have an important gig and it will do wonders.

2. HAIR STYLE: Your hair should have a style. If you aren’t into doing much with your hair, then find a do that works with your hair type (flat, curly, frizzy, flyaway) for everyday, and make the effort when it’s important.

3. CUT/COLOR: Keep searching for someone you can afford who does a great cut/color (even if you stop ppl who have a great cut and ask who did it!). Have them teach you how to style it right and practice till it’s second nature.

4. MAKE UP: Find a great natural make up look for yourself. Learn how to do it in 5 minutes. If your style is more wild, great, but there will be times you need a fresh face and want to look as fantastic.

5. FACIAL HAIR: Resist over-plucking your eyebrows! And don’t go wild with the new lashes you can have glued on (or grow with special products). Add them, but it’s like getting implants that are just a cup or two too big. You may not see it, but everybody else does.  And yes, those little razors for $10 at the drug store are great for keeping little hairs that gather where you don’t want them in check. No water or soap needed.

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