3 Tips For Instagram

Instagram has become incredibly popular. Though Facebook owns it, it has pulled  ahead in use for several demographic groups. You probably opened an account but haven’t used it much. Here are three quick tips for

Make your account public. If you’re trying to get yourself, your product or company out there, it’s counterproductive to have to screen people before they follow you. And when you approve them, they are unable to share your cool content!

PHOTOS: Instagram is all about Photos, even though they have also added the video feature and the ability to do slideshows, but the key to culling interest on Instagram is to be selective with your content. Curate your pix. People will always want to see what you’re up to if you do.

Instagram works best when you use photos and vids taken on your phone, then using their filters -or photo apps to max out the image. Use these to create interest but err on the side of using them only for variety, not the norm. People do get tired of seeing photos scribbled all over, just like we’ve all seen everyone with ears and a puppy nose on Snapchat. Rather, elicit a connection or response by the content of what you choose.

TAGGING: Posts should tag people and locations to help you get discovered. Tagging puts your pic on their profile and locations really brings you into a plethora of people interested from all across the globe who might never cross paths with your posts otherwise.

HASH TAGS: You can start without them, then repost with hashtags to breathe new life into a post, or just utilize them from the get go. The current suggested norm are from about 10 to 30 believe it or not.  It can help to use some broader words ones at first to grab people, like #Boston, #Broadway, etc… but so many people do that, on the whole, your content will get fairly buried. So definitely make the bulk of your hashtags relevant and targeted — and the shorter the better (1-3 words). I see a lot of people making hast tags that are actually a phrase, that no one would be looking for, and often that’s just to be funny. It’s great, but totally ineffective to someone serious about reach of each post.




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