Wardrobe Tip of the Week: Trends

This week the topic is about Trends.

Designed to go out of style quickly as the next trend moves in, trend pieces are fun… and some might argue, necessary to reflect that you’re keeping up with current style.  But they are trends, which means they have a short life.

To fill out your solid, every day wardrobe with current trends, look for surface pieces – usually accessories in come-and-go colors like the recent bright neons.

Spend VERY LITTLE on them. Since trends by name are guaranteed to go out of style, where your Basic Pieces will not, you don’t need to buy them to last. You’ll be donating those in 6-18 months.

That said, trends come and go – but they also return, renamed as “Retro” or “Vintage!”

If you are someone who dresses exclusively to a certain era, and you find pieces you love that would normally fall under what might be a trend to the average bear, you can spring for a more lasting piece like a coat or jacket, or a pair of shoes, watch, bag or jewelry piece that rocks your soul.

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