Set Up Your Social Media Profile

PRO-file is literal! You want to maximize the Social Media tools, both visual and written, to best communicate your brand. For those just starting out, I highly suggest using the same profile photo across all your Social Media platforms so you can be easily identified as potential clients or employers. The simple tips below will help you ace it!

As you grow and develop yourself and hence, your brand, I encourage you to get a profile pic to reflect that – and still be consistent, replacing them on all platforms. Later if you are well established, you can mix those up a bit.

But don’t feel limited by that – you can express yourself more with, for example, your Twitter page’s background or your Facebook cover space etc… Curate those carefully. Those can be changed as little or as frequently as you want to express yourself.

Photos, Graphics and Art

Make sure you use the right size for your platform. You can look those up online. IE:

  • Facebook profile pic, 180×180, cover photo: 820 x 310
  • Twitter profile photo: 400×400, Header art 1500 x 500,
  • Instagram Profile Pic: 110×110, Pic thumbnails 161×161 square, video to stories or timeline (the place you share will size it)
  • YouTube channel profile pic: 800×800 Background art 2560 x 1400 , video uploads 1280×720
  • Linked IN profile pic 400×400 , background image: 1584 x396

TIP: While you’re looking, seek out the time limits are for videos on each platform.

Your Written BIO:

Though a photo speaks volumes, there is the space to write a bit about yourself – a major thing to utilize and many don’t! Definitely do yours.

Choose carefully and have fun coming up with just the right words. And don’t worry, these can be revised in any moment as you marinate over what words best express who you are, what you want, and what you have to contribute.

Let it express your “voice” – what your vibe is, what you value, your interests and personality.

While some platforms like Twitter give you VERY few characters to use, I suggest you at least link back to your website URL, a clearing house for all your other social media as well as your contact info and anything else you include.  Read my tips blog called  Website 101 for more information.

No Website Yet?

If you don’t yet have a website, no worries. Link back to your next biggest and most interesting SM platform. So on Instagram, if you have no website yet, include the link to your FB page or your LinkedIn – one of the big 5 I listed above.

Don’t forget, you can put as many photos of you in other lights and situations in your posts, and expand beyond your photos and bio in your posts.. These tips are expressly about solidifying your brand and succeeding at it across all your social media marketing!

We all “Google” someone to find out more about them. Keep that in mind as you make your choices. You want to utilize all you can consciously to create and broadcast a clear view of the one and only you.

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