Yes You Can Still Wear White!

The rule that you can’t wear white after Labor Day is a thing of the past. Some friends from the South still hold to it, but I’m here to tell you the opposite.

This week is a great time to take 10 minutes to “go shopping” in your own closet and drawers, and pull out any great summery things you forgot about, didn’t get a chance to wear, or love and didn’t wear enough. Put them front and center, and rock them in the next few weeks because you can stretch summer out till the end of September.

Every year I protest this concept that summer ends as the sun sets on Labor Day. Depending on where you live, the weather doesn’t necessitate the switch to flannel shirts, cords, or even socks this early (it’s in the 90’s here in New England all this week).  You’re likely mighty tanned from maxing out this last weekend, and nothing looks better against it than turquoise, bright greens and oranges, periwinkle, navy, reds and yes – stark whites. It’s fine to tone white down to some kind of light tan or khaki if you must, but you can still pair it with sandals, linens, your Hawaiian shirts or pretty cotton dresses for at least a few more weeks.

Even though school has begun, and people begin to close up their cottages, store their sails, and switch their heads back into business, why not soak all you can out of the next few weeks anyway?   Make reservations at an outdoor deck, go for a ride or a walk in the post-sunset gloaming, and keep asking friends over to use the grill under your patio’s twinkle lights.  Toast to the good air and less insects. Sleep with the windows open. Serious greens, browns, burgundys, mustards (yes, mustard is IN this fall) and BLACK can wait.

Carpe Diem.

2 thoughts on “Yes You Can Still Wear White!

  1. Diane Paltrineri says:

    Thanks Rock. Never have believed in the “forbidden no white” after Labor Day. I live in the desert now and it will be in the 90’s into 100’s for at least the next 30 days. Summer here rolls on and I will continue to rock my white attire for a while longer!


  2. cowgirlj says:

    Great affirmations! I could not agree more. I also love winter whites. And I am still walking my dog on our Chicago beaches in linen as long as the sun allows. Seize the day(s) indeed!


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