Rochelle’s Twitter Tips

Improve your effectiveness and maximize your Social Media Marketing time with these simple tips.

I’m sharing several strategies that help you to get noticed in the congested world of Twitter.

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Post when people are looking. Otherwise it’s going to get buried, a nearly wasted effort. You want to consider your market’s time zone, if they are out of yours. If they are across the country, in Europe, Asia, or all over the globe.

There have been volumes written on timing but I keep it simple and practical – it comes down to when pretty much everyone is online:

M-F: Early am thru about 10 am, and also at lunchtime. Then not again till between 9-11 pm.

Sun-Thur – bedtime, between 9-11 pm

Saturdays – morning only, 6-10 am

TIP: I’ll write another blog post to expand on this and explain why, so check back for it!


Don’t forget you can RT your own tweet – from the same day in a different timing (so Tweet in the am, then RT it at lunch and/or late night). Twitter is one of the easiest Platforms to scroll past FAST, so you want to RT your own Tweet several times a day to help more people catch it. Of course using those compelling images catches attention too.

Or, RT different tweets from the past in the same day as a fresh one (so RT one of your former Tweets in the am, but late night, RT a different Tweet from 2 days before). All this helps expose people who may have missed it the first time, and varies your content to boot.


Spend an extra few minutes to RT another client, it will go a long way in terms of reciprocity. They will notice, and hopefully RT you. That means their whole audience is exposed to your site!

RT those from professional people you want to build a relationship with, as they will notice you’ve been supportive and perhaps reach out to you, to thank you or begin commenting on or RT some of yours. Take notice too if they do not!

RT a business you want to notice you! This will be in the feed as coming from you, but easy content WHILE you develop a supportive relationship with the folks you Re- Tweeted – ALL GOOD!!!


It helps to RT great posts from others when you just can’t write your own in the moment – but I caution you to NOT do 10 RT’s in a row or RT without any of your own thoughts two days in a row. It gives your audience the feeling you have nothing to say yourself.

Also, don’t just RT anything. CURATE your content – because it sends the message about who you are. Choose good stuff only, and stuff that fits with your brand (your values) that you want to communicate.

This all takes little time, will give you more presence on Twitter, build connections AND is “free” content!!!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions!

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