Increase Social Media Engagement with LinkedIn Emojis

To increase social media engagement, LinkedIn has added four new reaction emojis.

LinkedIn Upgrades to Expressions 

Want to K.I.S.S.? (Keep it Simple, Stupid) Evidently, LinkedIn users want more than a kiss or a “like”. When it comes to marketing, the click of a simple “thumbs up” no longer makes the grade.  While keeping its “Like” response, the new reactions added are: Celebrate, Love, Insightful, and Curious intended to help you better analyze your target market’s responses.D4EpX-3XsAA8Kds

Look Who’s Talking

LinkedIn has been primarily recognized as a social media business-platform. But as Facebook has modeled, adding new styles of engagement increases engagement. LinkedIn users want to enjoy the same boost. Everyone wants their posts liked, but LinkedIn users have expressed that they want to know “why” precisely.

The Many Faces of LinkedIn

Topics of conversation on LinkedIn have expanded beyond the career or job related The business media platform created the updated features based on feedback from its users. They focused on icons that would allow viewers to express a greater range of reaction to a post, which would additionally offer marketers more information.

Why Else the New Emojis?

LinkedIn hopes that these new reactions will better inform users what type of impact their posts have on their audience and help them improve their networking reach. But what about the competition? Is this playing a part in LinkedIn’s upgrade to become more “social” or dare we say, trendy?

Keeping their fine reputation as a business platform is clearly essential. But think about Facebook and Instagram. These are more personally-oriented platforms, yet they either have or will be launching business pages. In order to maintain competition with these other media behemoths, LinkedIn may be very wise in offering increased response ability through emojis. Niche is nice, but in a social media platform it may not be a front-runner.

  • Do you use LinkedIn as more than just a place to stash your resume?
  • If so, do you think these will help you craft your content and make for more successful recognition or networking?

Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Increase Social Media Engagement with LinkedIn Emojis

  1. cowgirlj says:

    Very nice piece, Rochelle. Not sure who commissions you to do this writing but you sure know a lot about these things. Very impressed. XxxOoo

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  2. cowgirlj says:

    This is a very nice piece… very informative, well-written too. I guess liking or not liking something really is not enough and the simple inclusion of a few icons to better define a response is a good thing! Thanks for reminding us that LinkedIn was not intended as a primarily social platform. And for being always up-to-date for information of this kind!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone


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