Covid Clothes: Pandemic Pajamas All Day Long

How do you dress during Covid,  which now has so many to work, exercise, and play 24/7 at home? This is one of a series on how Covid-19 has changed our lives… which has changed everything around clothing.  Today, we focus on Pajamas All Day Long, by popular demand.

Many have asked me what to do about clothes now that most work from home — or no longer work for now to home school the kids or ride it out until more opportunities arise.

Covid lockdown started in winter, so people were mostly hunkered down indoors during darker, colder days. And that meant cozy clothing. Add uncertainty along with it, and we definitely crave wrapping ourselves in something soft, warm, and comfortable… and pizza… and ice cream. Yes we do Zoom meetings, and FaceTime with family and friends… but the joke going around is that people have forgotten to wear pants or have no idea how to deal with their overgrown hair.

So we’ll start with how to feel somewhat pulled together and take a little pride in appearance WHILE wearing the daytime equivalent of pajamas (which has always been my goal in life regardless).

Soft and Cozy

If you’re going to wear tee shirts, loose pants and other lounge wear, there are some wonderful brands that are high quality, look extra, fit well and hold their shape after washing. Most make clothing for all genders.

Splendid and James Perse– light, soft and quality! Tee shirts, drawstring lounge pants, jogging suits. While these are on sale at publication, I don’t suggest you buy either full price. A word on that below.

Three Dots – The dots refer to their way of showing small, medium and large, These are true to size, thicker fabric, color safe. I have had some of their tee shirts for over a decade and they still look brand new.

John Varvatos Amazing mens casual wear. Look polished while feeling you’re in sweats.  Try a henley for an alternative to the same old crew or v-neck.

LuLu Lemon – Don’t wince at this trendy name. They make high quality, lasting, well fitting lounge/athletic wear… just very pricey. However, you can find it offered on sale or for less – especially the previous collections.

Champion– makes the coziest, longest lasting , best quality sweat shirts and pants, albeit classic styles, for men and women. Great for everyone from your teen to grandpa. There are many outlet stores you can call to visit too.

You don’t always have to pay full price to get such brands. This is the prime time to take advantage of end of season sales! Most sites offer free shipping if you order over a certain amount and/or a percent off if you give them your email.  You can always opt out after that initial purchase. Tip: I don’t recommend you give your cell number in exchange for a discount.

You can also find items on Poshmark, and Ebay.  Look for ones listed as NWT (new, with tags) or gently worn items.  Or shop online at Nordstrom Rack, Haute Look and Marshalls/TJX. I have a lot of luck ordering online and know some tricks for reading ads and ordering with minimal shipping etc which will be in another blog post coming soon.

And there are finds at Gap, especially for guys, and J Crew… You just have to be discerning. Read descriptions, scrutinize photos. At least returns are easy even under the current situation.

A word of caution those who get everything through Amazon: The authenticity of many items has become questionable since Covid reached the US. My best tip is to try to get name brand things through other, reputable sources first.

Undergarments Make or Break It

Imagine bras you don’t have to take off, keeping your package as comfortable as if you’re going commando when you’re not and eliminating visible lines from poorly fitting or too old and worn tighties. The below are three that offer high quality fabric, super comfort and the right fit for your pandemic Day-PJ vibe.

Fruit of the Loom– high quality, soft cotton undies for guys and ladies. Even though it’s not fancy, new socks and underwear makes you feel like a million bucks. They have a BOGO sale going on at time of publication.

IceBreaker – Super high end merino wool that will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter without bulk. Comes in great colors, is light and lasts forever if cared for properly. Gift yourself one of their luxurious undies and you will feel SPECIAL when you wear em. Watch for their sales and buy then… They also make great base layers if you’re thinking ahead.

Hanro– Their styles and colors are very neutral, but the fabric (like buttah) and construction are like flying first class instead of coach. Nuff said. Look for their sales, or for their products on other sites who have sales. Makes a great gift…  ask Santa or treat yourself.

Comfortable, but Fits

Yes you want comfort, but some of what makes you feel like a jzlub is that things fit wrong. Go for the right size – not too big and boxy. You also don’t want it so tight that your undergarments show (see undergarments next). Some designs have seams or color blocks that help to sculpt your waist, minimize hips, camouflage upper arms, or make guys have broader looking shoulders. Necklines also figure into this…

The Right Necklines

Something as simple as paying some attention to what necklines look best with your face shape (mostly your jawline), neck (wide? long and slim?), hair and build can transform a tee shirt into something quite flattering.  Until I write a blog on this you can Google articles, but here’s a good one for ladies by StitchFix and one from Fashionably Male.

Colors That Flatter

If you’re wearing simple clothing, one way to cheer you or to distinguish your day “pajamas” from nighttime ones is to add COLOR. Especially if you had not done so before. It’s a time to say YES to more than you used to, especially the simple things like wearing some color, which often reward you much more than other, shinier stuff.

Fresh Produce  – This has wonderful colors, while being soft, light and lasting. Check out their  trademark periwinkle blue that looks good on men and women of all colorings. Right now everything is on a $25 sale or less.

Add a Little Extra

If you put on a neck chain or earrings, or don nice glasses frames, you will feel like you’ve made the transition from pajamas to day wear even if your clothes are super – relaxed and casual.

The focus has always been on your face but it seems even moreso now as we Zoom and FaceTime more. It may lead you to want to add a new Frame with a little more sumpthin’. If you can’t go to a store, there are some companies that will send you several frames to try on and return, with your prescription and voila, they will arrive in the mail!  One of those is Warby Parker who will send up to five styles at a time to try at home!

Toes and fingertips: If jewelry doesn’t seem to fit, why not add a little pop of color or sparkle to your toes… like Now you Sea Me by L’Oreal,  Essie’s Mesmerized or Glitter to my Heart by Opi. I highly suggest this for guys too. If only the pinky nail painted navy blue. Go wild. Why not?

In a few months it will turn cold again… and there will be a greater need to discern day from night wear. Stay tuned!

Have a question about clothing? Need help shopping online?  Want a consult about how to look right when interviewing, or on Zoom meetings? Let’s connect! 

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