Make the Most of Your Summer Wardrobe

The next few weeks are precious days to make the most of your summer wardrobe. Depending on where you live, that timing might vary a little… but before we know it, temps will grow cooler, and our attraction to light fabrics and seasonal color will make that shift to seeking sweaters, jacket and boots, wools, fleece and cashmere. So now is a good time to do a hot lap through your closet and drawers and pull out some of the things you want to be sure to wear before the season ends.

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This is not to be a chore or a full wardrobe assessment and clean out! I’m simply recommending you find a few of your favorite or forgotten things to pull to the forefront, and use every opportunity to wear them with a smile before fall hits!


Too busy? If it were a doctor appointment, could you would find a window? Great! Book that for a little investment in uplifting YOURSELF.

Unmotivated? Aim to do this when you are freshest. I do closet work with clients early, when they’ve had a good sleep and may have a bonus boost from caffeine!

Worried nothing will fit? I’d suggest this exercise to be even more essential. I guarantee there are a few things that DO fit (and make you feel good) that you’ve forgotten about. If nothing turns up, it’s your permission to go get something that does. Win/Win! PS: Since this will spark some trying on, it will likely reawaken your inspiration and create a shift toward feeling more like yourself again.


We too often reach for the same items and let so much of what we have go unworn. Open those doors, and pull out the items that have been hiding in the darker recesses, or hanging between two larger items unseen. It’s always good to revisit what you have and a way to “go shopping” under your own roof. You may be amazed at what you forgot you had. Raise your hand if you find items with tags still attached. If you’ve never worn it, why not wear it today?

Depending on how much time and stamina you have, you may need to break it up doing closets in one sesh, then drawers or accessories in another. Come at it with fresh eyes and curiosity.

Pull out the thinnest cottons, the brightest colors, shorts and skirts, polos, straw hats, kicks, sandals, and shades and put them where you’ll see them. And if you only spend 15 minutes and grab 4 things you haven’t worn but will be happy to don again, you’ve aced the assignment.

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So you found a few things? With those freshly in mind, put them where you can see them, then reach for those items when you get dressed in the morning or head out for your next dinner or event. If the pandemic continues to cramp your calendar, as it still does for many, and/or you work at home, you can still wear things for yourself around the house! And who says you can’t dress for a walk outside, a lawn picnic, time at the beach, a chat on a neighbors patio or even to settle in for a movie on your couch!


With the increase in minimalism, you may not have to sift through much. If you’ve been rotating favorite items, why not try to use those pieces in a way you haven’t combined before? Or add a splash of style or color to change it up through accessories. Look with new eyes (if you’re out of ideas, contact me!). Pull out that brighter lipstick or eye shadow you grabbed on whim and use it. Wrap a shorter scarf around a side belt loop or a bag strap, your wrist or in the breast pocket of a jacket, even a jeans jacket. Say something with your socks or sunglasses. Add a fab hat. And if you just aren’t inspired by what you’ve got, why not do a trade with a friend. You’d be surprised who’s up for it.

This quick-pick exercise doubles as a way to give a test run to some things you’re not sure you want to keep. Put it on and give it a day. If you don’t like it enough to keep it, how great that you can donate it to someone who may love it, or recycle it rather than hang on to it for another year (or 5).

If you have the time and inspiration, definitely pull things out that you no longer like, that are out of style, that really don’t fit or are too pilled or faded. Life is short; why wear anything – even pajamas or work out gear – that you don’t love?

It’s simple, but not superficial. Enjoy the positive difference what you wear and how you feel in it will make in your mood and your day.

One thought on “Make the Most of Your Summer Wardrobe

  1. Pandora MacLean-Hoover says:

    Thanks for this pick-me-up reminder to make the most out of what’s left of Summer 2022. I was inspired, threw a last minute Pina Coladas on the Porch party yesterday and texted everyone “wear something colorful, easy-peasy!” We had a great time!


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