Looking for a Great Gift?

Under my VIP Services you’ll learn that I have been a gift buyer for decades. I take my eye for detail, color and quality, knowledge of what works for various demographics, and a serious appreciation for something really good, that fills a need or just works better than other brands out there and put it all into my flat out joy of finding great gifts!

Since this time of year brings a high interest in gifts, I thought you’d like to know about my gift blog. It’s called Looky Here: Great Gifts, and has 13 years worth of posts covering every kind of gift for every age and taste. In the spirit of the season, I invite you to take a peek, bookmark it, or better yet, subscribe to get each post directly into your inbox!

This time of year I post quite a bit, from early buyers to Black Friday-SmallBusiness Saturday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday to last minute gifts you can get within 24 hours of giving.

Find just the right gift!

While you can scroll through randomly, you can also click the 3 little lines in the upper right corner to find a drop down listing Labels. Click that and you’ll find all kinds of categories. Everything from Foodies and Libations to Arts and Crafts to Literary to Sexy stuff and DIY gifts. Plus there’s Give by the Month or Give an Experience categories, Bosses or the Hard to Buy For, from Infants to Grandparents, even what to get someone who is ill and needs useful things or stuff brighten their day. And of course, there’s Stocking Stuff, for grown ups and kids, as well as posts for Hanukkah and Kwanza.

And my top category besides Stocking Stuffers? MyTop Gifts of the Year!

Many people hate to shop, others don’t know how to find just the right thing. I love it all and can help! When I bought for celebrities, it was fun to find something really thoughtful or fun for recipients that already have “everything.” For corporate clients, my work was to come up with something appropriate, not too personal, but special, rather than generic. For these clients, what they gave was part of their image and brand.

I like to keep the heart in things, so always enjoyed finding something juuuust right in these circumstances. I love a challenge in finding the right gift, and took pride when the gift worked for both the giver and recipient. You can always email me if you are struggling. I’m happy to help.

I started this blog to feature my finds, saving you time and often money, as my own gift to you! I do it because I love it. I search for lowest prices and often include multiple sites that offer an item. PS: Your email goes no further than me, and for this purpose. Sprinkled throughout you’ll find my insider tips, bolded in red type. Make sure to look for those! What are you waiting for? Take a PEEK!

One thought on “Looking for a Great Gift?

  1. Carra R. says:

    Gosh, this blog with gift ideas is extraordinary. It offers me amazing possibilities for so many different people on my list and also varied price options.
    I especially love that you’ve offered suggestions in many different categories from delicious to healthy to creative to kitchey/trendy.
    Thanks for helping out each year with researching and sharing these quality ideas. Happy holidays!


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