Is a NFC Business Card Right For You?

If you haven’t heard of it yet, I’m here to help you figure out if a NFC business card is right for you. The emergence of this smart digital card signals yet another advancement in how networking can be done more effectively. It’s especially useful for those who are digital creators, and those who use a lot of platforms. Picture this: you’re at a coffee shop and see a person you have been wanting to get a meeting with. You have one chance to catch them on the fly in a casual moment. If you can make that conversation fruitful, as you part, you could give them your business card… or, with a digital card, this is what happens: They are likely clutching their phone like most of us, so as you wrap it up, instead of handing them your business card (that both fingers crossed won’t go in the garbage with their napkin) you tap the upper corner of the back of their smart phone with your digital card. Their screen will instantly populate with all your information like magic, and load into their contacts. They can open your links, follow you and save you to their contacts in seconds using near Field Communication Technology (FCT), the same things that allow us to tap and pay. And you only need one card, rather than stashing some in your glove box, messenger bag, computer case, etc… Gone are the days when you write your info on a napkin – or worse, fish out a bent and soiled card. Not impressive! So for those who have a website, YouTube channel, podcast, blog or Medium account, a killer TikTok or IG following, an Etsy or Amazon Influencer store, or have your latest hits on Spotify… they’ll have access to it ALL in a millisecond. NICE!
The pandemic fast forwarded how business is done. Arguably the world was heading in this direction anyway, and being in lockdown for so long proved that a great majority of us can work remotely and keep the world spinning. And that means you can get a job from any country and maintain it while being at home, living in your camper van, or traveling the world. Gone are the days of needing a portfolio or even a website… and NFC business cards have stepped in to keep you current. For all those who were being paid minimum wage with no benefits who were not interested in going back, the surge in social media businesses temped many to become entrepreneurs. YOU know, the people who say they are making 10 k a month while holding two kids in their kitchen saying they can earn that while living any way they want to? The reach of social media as advertising is unmatched, accessing almost any demographic for very little money depending on how clever you are at working the the system (or giving courses on how to work them!), so many now have link trees…  With this, you can instantly deliver access to all your projects in an instant. Here’s a few tips: > The receivers home screen has to be on for the NFC to work. A tap of a finger will do that. > Each phone has it’s own sweet spot for tapping – an iPhone is often on the back at the top, and Android is in the middle. > If anything hitches, some companies like DOT give you a back up QR code you can use to transfer your info to their phone. > To add you their contacts, they just need to click the big SAVE CONTACT button at the top of the list under your photo and once it’s in contacts, hit done! Besides the Dot Card, there are several on the market, like V1CE, and Popl.  For anyone wanting to do a deeper dive into how to set it up, there are instructionals all over the internet, like this video for Dot. Let me know in the comments what you think! Would this be helpful to your business?

2 thoughts on “Is a NFC Business Card Right For You?

  1. Carra R. says:

    This is where technology meets simplicity and efficiency. An NFC business card is a brilliant marketing tool and I wouldn’t be surprised if they replace traditional cards at some point in the near future.


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