This is a placeholder page for the photos.  The slideshow style is below.  Scroll further down for other options.  I made the background of the slideshow white on the live page but I can easily change it back.  If you watch the slideshow, you’ll notice a significant different in picture size – which happens because of the size of the photo.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are what square tiles would look like – not the best option with photos as is, but if you want to square all the images then it would work.

This is the other kind of mosaic. Some photos will be large and others will be small – the template organizes this so we can’t really change it.


I can write custom HTML to display your photos like the ones on the link you sent me – but those photos are all the same size, which is why it looks like a nice clean grid.  To some extent we can make that work (we could do a row of landscape and a row of portrait for example) but the quality of the photos is still going to be important.

I can also use a plugin for photo galleries – that might give us some other good options without a lot of effort.