I both do and teach, working one-on-one, in groups or at the executive level with individuals, universities and businesses of any size.

I cover overall image – from creating and refining a unique appearance head to toe, to prepping clients for on-camera or personal appearances and press junkets, to teaching how comportment and appearance are key to personal and professional excellence, to consulting on overall branding and marketing content and strategy.

As part of personal and professional branding, I excel at writing marketing copy, website and social media content, blogs articles and essays.

I work in every medium: television, film, digital platforms and print, as well as corporate arenas in addition to the individual needs clients may have in their personal as well as their professional life.

Projecting who you are authentically is empowering. Far from superficial, looking and feeling great changes everything about your day. That positively affects all you do – and everyone around you too.


One To One

Your own stylist? Yep. You deserve it – and you’ve likely earned it too. You may have a hair dresser or a personal trainer – but we figure we can all dress ourselves. Yet we buy things we don’t wear and waste time and money. Our closets and drawers are either packed with things we … Continue reading One To One


Image is key to getting noticed and succeeding.  In the business world, it’s not a luxury but a professional skill. I custom create and lead seminars and workshops tailored to fit your specific needs and time frame. I also teach a Master Class or an ongoing series of classes at universities and educational institutions. Below … Continue reading Seminars/Workshops

Business Groups

From Lunch and Learns to speaking engagements to half day, full day, or weekend seminars and workshops, I create what your group needs, whatever the demographic or size. The below are the four most in demand: Sharp-Casual Business Dressing Remember casual Fridays? Most either still arrived in their regular business attire anyway, not knowing what … Continue reading Business Groups

VIP Services

Sometimes a busy person needs support in the form of services to keep life flowing and be free to focus on what’s most important. Gift Services: Need something just right for a special occasion – or a great gift for the person who has everything? I excel in finding corporate and personal gifts and have … Continue reading VIP Services