Business Groups

From Lunch and Learns to speaking engagements to half day, full day, or weekend seminars and workshops, I create what your group needs, whatever the demographic or size.

The below are the four most in demand:

Sharp-Casual Business Dressing

Remember casual Fridays? Most either still arrived in their regular business attire anyway, not knowing what else to do, or might have looked a little too relaxed in weekend pants and tee shirt. And now, Casual Fridays have become Casual Mondays through Fridays! What to do? I

Company Culture and Comportment: A Primer

Have an influx of new employees that you want to ramp up to fit company culture? Let me do a lunch and learn and help them achieve it. A worthy investment with ongoing returns!

*I also work one on one with employees that may need individual attention or who are being promoted -great to give as a gift or part of a bonus.

From One Industry to Another

We change careers an average of three times in our working life. Each industry has a standard for wardrobe – even with the trend toward sharp-casual dress across the board.  Some industries, like banking and legal, still have a “uniform,” worn when meeting clients. Let me help you or your employees establish what’s right and get them set.

Company Branding and Re-Branding

If your business is growing to the next level of success, this often requires anything from a subtle to a visceral change of image – from clothes to office decor to your graphics and digital presence. I consult on total branding or re-branding across the board.

Looking Like Your Clients

Your clients want to recognize you as one of them. If you are an independent contractor or a smaller business owner, how do you match the client you’re going for so it’s a non- issue in reaching your goals? I study the specific demographics of a company’s clients – and more importantly, the dream clients you are shooting for, and help those salespeople or department heads dress like themselves but to a level that creates respect and a comfort level with your target clients.

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