One To One

Your own stylist? Yep. You deserve it – and you’ve likely earned it too. You may have a hair dresser or a personal trainer – but we figure we can all dress ourselves. Yet we buy things we don’t wear and waste time and money. Our closets and drawers are either packed with things we don’t even remember or are worn, outdated, or no longer fit. It may be that you have some great things but need them refreshed. Or you just need to stay current to stay relevant in the work world.

I work one-to-one with you, and truly personalize what we do to exactly what you need based on where you are in your life, your roles, your budget. We can do one or more of the individual services below – or try my starter packages if that suits you better. It’s all about choice: Yours!


  • Head to Toe Makeovers
  • Closet/Drawer Organization
  • Wardrobe and Fit Analysis and Budgeting
  • Personal Shopping
  • Life Change Renewal
  • Dating (or Dating Again)
  • Weight Loss Remake
  • Changing Professions
  • Going Back to Work
  • During or After Baby
  • Professional Photography Session Prep
  • Styling Your Professional Photo Session
  • Getting you set for Weddings, Special trips, Anniversaries



1. Closet Purge Package

My most popular! A fantastic place to start from the ground up, and truly to get the most time/money value out of the work we do together.

The Closet/Drawer purge is easier, faster and more fun than you may think! I go through everything you have and show you:

  • What works for the roles in your life: work, sports, going out etc.
  • What you can put together that you didn’t see before
  • What you can donate or toss.
  • Plan for what needs tailoring/shine/repair
  • Create a shopping list of missing basic or complimentary pieces you need.

Suggested Ongoing Services you can add:

  • Budgeting and shopping plan for those items
  • Shopping trip together
  • Tailoring/repairs (I have great resources)
  • Create outfits from your existing and new clothing.
  • Photo gallery (accessible online or as a book) of outfits put together for easy reference
  • Shop seasonally or bi-annually or whenever a need for special events arises- weddings, trips, major business deals, anniversaries, etc.


2. Dating (or Dating Again) Package

Very popular for both men and women. We get you set to look and feel confident and present just the right vibe as you meet new people and have fun.

  • Explore activities you’d like to do with someone new – and have the clothes for it.
  • Creating date outfits from what you already have, create list of anything missing
  • Flesh out your vision for your life and get clear on how to go after it
  • Work on your online presence – photos and wording so you are sure to be communicating from your authentic, unique self.

Suggested Ongoing Services you can add:

  • Budgeting and shopping plan for needed items
  • Shopping together
  • Create outfits from your existing and new clothing.
  • Photo session for online presence
  • Tips for Successful Online Dating
  • Shop seasonally or bi-annually as needs arise covering a full year of appropriate clothing.


3. Changing Professions Package

Most people change careers three times in their work life. You want to eliminate looking the part entirely so you can make the smoothest transition and set yourself up that much more for success.

  • Discuss your former way of work and life and what you expect in your new role.
  • Go through what you have and what works on you. Put together some new combinations you will likely not have thought of before.
  • Look at all the little details: Work case, rain attire, sunglasses, any sportswear like golfing or skiing.
  • Consider after-work clothes needed to develop business: benefits, cocktail parties, dining out with clients, speaking engagements, travel.
  • List what you need to buy and budget

Suggested Ongoing Services you can add:

  • Shop together, get what you need.
  • Create outfits from your existing and new clothing.
  • Shop seasonally or bi-annually as you grow into the position, covering a full year of appropriate clothing.


Have questions? Want to create your own package? Contact Rochelle Here.