Image is key to getting noticed and succeeding. 

In the business world, it’s not a luxury but a professional skill.

I custom create and lead seminars and workshops tailored to fit your specific needs and time frame. I also teach a Master Class or an ongoing series of classes at universities and educational institutions. Below is a wide-ranging sample of topics to choose from:

Image: Creating a completely individualized image. How each person can take a deeper dive to discover who that is for themselves and bring it to life.

Wardrobe: Far from superficial, the impression one makes speaks volumes and can make or break a career. Among what I can cover: the basic wardrobe pieces, color strategy, body type, shopping list/budget, accessories, wardrobe maintenance.

Grooming: For men or women. Tips on the secrets head-to-toe, or in-depth lessons ranging from face shape, hair and necklines to make up for every day or stage to nail and skin care, nutrition, etc. While I can do a basic instructional, this is best as a hands-on learning class, and requires mirrors and materials.

Comportment: The exterior is given substance by how you carry yourself, speak and write – including your content on social media.

Freelancing: The basic nuts and bolts and best practices to set yourself up to succeed out of the gate. How to find and maintain your own professional standards and momentum.

Auditioning: How to prepare for important auditions. Tips on how to act and follow up like a seasoned pro. Encouragement and philosophy sorely needed to navigate the audition process without the sense of rejection. That mental component is critical.

Self-Marketing: From headshots to social media, it’s all image. We create a plan and map a marketing path to support achieving your goals.

Photography Coaching: How to pose for professional or personal photos: the best facial expressions, hand placement, what to wear for the purpose, as well as what shots you need to get for professional head shots, marketing tools, composite cards, etc.

* If you need me to style the actual photo session that is covered in One to One Services.

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