VIP Services

Sometimes a busy person needs support in the form of services to keep life flowing and be free to focus on what’s most important.

Gift Services:

Need something just right for a special occasion – or a great gift for the person who has everything? I excel in finding corporate and personal gifts and have clients who have me take care of everyone on their list for every occasion. I can simply recommend, or I can get them, wrap them and deliver them.

Customized Clothing:

If you have the need or desire for clothes that are more personal than off the rack, or if you find getting the right fit a challenge, I have a range of resources to answer your needs.

Packing Services:

Fantastic for busy people who travel often. I coach you on what to pack so that it all works, with few wrinkles, right down to buying the right carry cases that look great and are easiest to transport.

Travel often and looking to streamline?  While you work or play, we pack you, refill your dop kit, leave you a short list of last minute additions from watches, to Kindles to meds, have the bag waiting for you to pick up and go.

*This can include refilling your digital reader or music on any device.

And when you return? Leave your bags! Everything will be cleaned, pressed and ready to go again.

Tailoring Garment Care:

Truly good tailors, cleaners and shoe/belt repair craftsmen are very hard to find. I have a resource list I can share, or can take your belts, briefcases/purses/valises and best shoes to be refurbished.  If needed, I can bring the tailor to you.

Formal Wear:

If you have to events and places that require you dress formally, I am well versed in the field.
MEN: You may want to buy a tux but there are so many silhouettes – and depending on the event or the country you may be visiting, there are customs to observe. Already have a tux – or a great black suit  – but don’t want to look the same at each function? Relax and let’s discuss what you need and we, or I, will go out to get it all, within your budget.
LADIES:  If you have a need for gowns/cocktail dress but don’t want to invest in items you can only wear once or twice, or love owning gowns but want to find good ones more affordably, I have solutions.  An important aspect of formal dressing are accessories. Let me advise you. And if you’re tired of the same old same old, let’s talk creative options for formal wear. There are plenty and often cost less!
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