What’s Trending for Fall

Want the skinny on what’s trending for fall and winter this year? I’ve been in stores galore, shopping with clients and am bringing it all to you!

Trending Colors

BURGUNDY ...or maroon or  wine. Front and center, it’s clearly the color of the moment, warm and rich this season — especially on nails and lips, ties and socks. I don’t ever see an increase in oxblood leathers, which only on occasion show up in mens shoes, belts, wallets and cases. It’s so handsome, I’d hoped to see it hop on this trend.

MUSTARD: Last fall when shades of mustard surfaced I wondered if it was going to fly. It’s hard for that to look good on most skin tones. But, we tend to hanker for the new even if we don’t care so much about trends.  It’s taken root, and we’re still seeing a lot of it again this season. 

TIP: Your face is where all the attention goes, so wear colors around your face that enlivens your skin tone and necklines that work best with your face shape/jawline.  If you want to incorporate a color that’s not flattering to your skin, then add it somewhere else – in pants or skirts, or accessories like belts, satchels, tights, boots and shoes. 

SUMMER BRIGHTS: An antidote for those who mourn Falling Back to earlier sunsets and chilly temps, tropical brights and neons are a running theme. Particularly in is a lemon-lime neon like these cashmere sweaters from NAADAM, and hot teal, pink and poppy. I say yay.

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 12.39.13 PM

NAADAM’s essential 100% cashmere sustainable sweater in neon yellow

Trending Materials

PLEATHER:  Shiny skinny stretch pants and pleather jeans can be found in most stores for the holidays. While I’ve seen a brown and a burgundy, basic black rules the rack. Great for parties, or bringing a little rock and roll to your look… unless your look IS rock and roll, in which case, you’ve likely already got ’em. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 2.30.32 PM

Vera Wang’s Simply Vera faux leather leggings

FAUX SUEDE: Get a pair of stretch stovepipe pull on pants or a skirt in this fabric and feel cozy and comfortable, while looking elegant and right on trend.

FAUX FUR ACCENTS: We see a little fur each year – like the trend for furry vests in 2016-18,  but something’s new: I’m seeing it more coats and sweaters as an embellishment, especially on the cuffs… right up to the elbow. Lots of fun colors too!

Look for a new kind of fuzzy sweater in almost every store. Feels and looks like angora but the label lists all (or mostly) synthetics. This means it shouldn’t bother those allergic to the real thing and can be thrown in the washer without fear.

TIP: There are many ways to jazz up the sweaters, jackets and coats that you already have with this trend. No need to sew, though there’s that. Separate faux (and real) fur collars are everywhere from Marshalls to Madison Avenue. Some tie with a ribbon, some are like boas, while others have a slip through to secure them, like the below from LULU.  Google ‘faux fur cuffs’ to add the current look – and why not pick a fun color?  And furry cuffed gloves will bring it when you’re bundled up


Lulu’s faux fur wrap collar

Trending Looks

HIGH WAISTS: You’ve seen high waisted jeans making a full comeback now.  If you don’t have a pair, you’ll live…  But you’ll find more high waisted skirts too.

CROP TOPS: In answer to the above, shorter tops are making a comeback, just like they did when waistlines were high in the 80’s, and the 50’s before that. When one silhouette piece changes, the others change to best compliment them. 

DOLMAN SLEEVED SWEATERS: For the right body, these are fun. Try them, but with a discerning eye when in the dressing room, as there is no shape to the chest, waist or arms. It will work for some but not for everyone.  

COLOR BLOCKING: We’ve seen this in women’s apparel (and they’re still hot), but color blocking has made it to menswear too. Fun and different, but not so different it’s too weird to wear to work, like this Ted Baker sweater. Why not make the most of this fun trend while it lasts?

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 1.50.40 PM

Here’s a Color Blocked sweater you can wear to work, from Ted Baker.

Tip: Color blocking can magically minimize OR enlarge your features, depending on where they land.  So try them on before you take them home. You don’t need a friend to tell you. When you look in the mirror inside you’ll either feel “WOW” or be wondering “can I make this work?”  If it’s the latter, keep looking. Wow is all you want to buy – in anything. 

Accessory Trends:

CROSS BODY BAGS: We saw a trickle last year but it’s A Thing now. Straps are longer (often with conversion options), and the bag is smaller. Keeps you from the chiropractor and leaves your hands free. If you tend to carry the kitchen sink in a bucket bag, put the cross body in it with your essentials, ready to pull to run into a shop or go on an outing. Feel the freedom!

BOOTIES and HOT FLATS: When I was in Paris in 2017, everyone was wearing short boots and designer sport shoes. The booties were just to or showed the ankle bone, with a 1-1.5″ wedge heel. The sneakers, whether slip ons or tied, were made of glam designer fabrics and thick rubber or wedge soles in answered the call to be comfortable AND stylish (like the below from Donna Karan). They made it to our shores, at first in urban areas,  but now both are steady fare in stores everywhere. 

Screen Shot 2019-11-23 at 2.09.45 PM

One example of glam sport shoes by Donna Karan

A word to the wise: No need to toss everything you have to be “in style”. Trends are just that – they come and go. My rule is to get a few on-trend pieces but not spend a lot, knowing you’ll be donating them in 12-18 months, without regret. of having spent a fortune. 

Now, some trends end up sticking, and for several years, which then makes them the new style – like the bright blue mens suits and honey colored shoes, or stretch denim (will we ever go back??) and tight ankled hems. Those are worth investing in, and spending on basic pieces that can last for up to 5 years.

How will you know which is which? Just contact me HERE! 

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