Your Secret Weapon: Having Great Outfits Ready to Wear

Who has not gotten dressed for something important and ended up sweaty and frazzled with clothes strewn all over. the room? This no longer fits, that has a stain or you have everything for one but can’t for the life of you find the matching belt? When you throw something else on, you may arrive late, or distracted, and certainly not the cool, confident person you needed to be for this event.

The solution?

Pull together a few great outfits well in advance,  complete with accessories, and have them on hand for when the need arises. That means something you know fits right, looks good and makes you so comfortable that  you go about what you have to do with confidence.

You should have:

One for business – job interviews, major meetings, etc

One for going out where you may meet people in the industry – networking, cocktail parties, charity events

One for performance, if you are an artist

And — a few for dates.  If you’re single, it can reduce a lot of anxiety to spend a Saturday morning trying on several things to find just the right fit, accessories (and just the right undergarments) that make you feel great and look your absolute best. If you have to take notes on all the pieces and tape that in your closet, do. Or take a photo of yourself in it (and keep that somewhere you can easily access it – does no good to spend 30 minutes scrolling through your phone to find it). Then you can just grab and go when there’s someone special you are going out with – or if you’re going somewhere you might meet them.

If you’re in a relationship, especially a longer term one, or if you’ve got kids, it’s easy to not go on dates – or if you do, to not make that effort you did when you were first together. Have one (or three!) date outfits that make you feel special – and see how it shifts your vibe and the whole flow of the energy between you.

A few tips:

  • When putting these together, and  you find you need nylons or a new tie to make it work, waste no time getting them, and add it to the outfit, pronto.
  • If something that used to be your go-to no longer fits, or is threadbare or out of style, then that becomes a priority to o out and buy – whatever is in your budget. The returns for your readiness, and whatever expense will outweigh the effort tenfold.
  • Make sure you get anything that needs it cleaned before putting it back in the closet, so the next time you have to grab it and go, that little mustard stain or lipstick mark isn’t front and center!

This brings new meaning to the term Ready to Wear!

Doing the above  guarantees you will look AND FEEL great and eliminates crazed rummaging through your stuff  last minute, often coming up short.

This is one of the secret weapons I give you!

You’ll  look great, feel even better, arrive without hassle and kill it once you’re there. Pretty hot return for a little planning  up front.

If you need help putting this together CONTACT ME HERE! I’m here to help (and we have  a blast doing it!)

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