Undergarments 411

No matter what you wear on the outside, what you’re wearing underneath makes ALL the difference in how you look (and photograph) in it — and how confident and comfortable you feel. Here is a short list of tips regarding your skivvies:

MAJOR PRIORITY: A bra and at least two matching panties – in your skin tone. This is the one color that won’t show through white and will go under anything from dark to sheer. You want it 100% smooth, so it does nothing but compliment your shape under cloth. Leave push up bras, g-strings, adornments (lace, patterns, bows) and colors for fun, sexy, playful occasions.

Try your shirt back on with it to see how it looks under fabric front, side and back before you go home with it! The solid, seamless skin tone set is definitely a wardrobe staple to be worn for times you need to be sure you look great.

If you have the option, get a second set in black if you wear dark colors a lot, as under navy, black, charcoal and brown toned clothes, you may find yourself wearing these sets everyday.

The KEY is the right fit. No panty lines showing thru clothes or skin oozing our above or below the bra lines, no breasts puffing out in front. If your cups spilleth over, you’ve got the wrong size (call me!). For those who need it, find one of the serious shops that know how to fit bras and even if they sound confident about a fit, don’t buy anything till you like it. Put your shirt back on over the bras you are trying on, see how your form looks (and check it at all angles for it lying smooth all around your body — and even sit down while wearing it to be sure nothing digs in.

Toss old undies that no longer have a shape, that have elastic bands sticking out, or are dingy. Replace those with whatever colors, patterns and details you like – just be sure they fit and feel good. You actually can find decent replacements for the fun stuff at affordable prices if you shop with a discerning eye at stores such as Kohls, Marshalls/TJX, Macy’s. But for your staple skin tone set, buy it to last.

Smoothers like spanx are good for special occasions like a cocktail dress (especially a light color) or when wearing sleek, fitted fabrics like satin.

Undergarments that are too tight,  thread bare, or the wrong color under what you’re wearing can be ruinous to your efforts, even if you’re wearing a top designer or are so fit you make everyone green. Start with what goes underneath, and what you wear on top will be flawless.

They don’t call them “foundation” garments for nothing!

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